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Frequently Asked Questions - General Questions

FAQs - General Questions

Information concerning Mawum in general. 

The name “Mawum” is a common name known by the “Tikaris” for the baobab tree. The “Tikaris” are a people with routes from the North West Region of the Republic of Cameroon. Some people prefer to call it the fig tree or buma tree. The buma tree is the largest tree of the forest and stands out amongst other trees. It shelters and protects other trees from the dangers of sunlight, pest and diseases. This tree survives harsh weather conditions, such as severe wetness and dryness, even in desert storms.

It is a perennial plant which accommodates the ecosystems within its environs and well known for its medicinal, traditional and religious importance. By merit, the baobab tree is called the “king of the forest”.

This name has been carefully chosen first to identify the African roots of our business. The business of Groupe Mawum is very characteristic of the "Mawum" tree in terms of accommodating and networking business enterprises. As the baobab tree, Groupe Mawum harbours, shelters, protects, project and promotes all other business ventures within its network. Apart from that, the name is simple to spell, easy to pronounce, it’s unique and sounds really good to the ears (not so?).

Group Mawum Holdings; Inc. came into existence on January, 2008 and launched on April 26th, 2008. Though young, the company has well trained and long years of experienced staff in diversified fields of business – including international business management, website designs and development, logistics, information technology and e-commerce in general. This team is constantly re-enforced with external expertise and consultancies.

The site has been in existence since January 2010

No doubt, though within the introductory stage, the company is fast penetrating the market, providing efficient services and making headline news.

It’s our pride when our clients acknowledge haven’t made a sale through our network. Groupe Mawum Holdings; Sa, is doing quite a lot in terms of publicity. We use the Radio, TV, Newspapers, Magazines, and other websites to make the public know about us and your products in particular.

Once you join our network, we automatically post e-mails to several people and institutions of interest (both locally and internationally), announcing the existence of your products and services. We also use our sales force to make face-to-face contacts with potential clients in regions where we have agencies or representatives. All these efforts are geared towards making sure that people can actually see your establishment and products on our site.

It must be noted that Mawum Holdings seeks to advertise all the businesses within its network without any bias. We can’t force any to buy your product or make a particular choice. Individual suppliers on our network are advised to prepare a good presentation of their products and marketing strategy in order to attract buyers to choose their product from the several supplies of the same product.

Additional efforts can be put to market products or companies that have negotiated for extra services or some form of exclusive representation with Group Mawum, but this doesn’t create any friction or sense of impartiality.


Joining our network is very simple. Like any other establishment or company, you can display your product or enterprise on our classified advert section. A token fee (of US$ 20 or US$ 50 equivalence) is paid annually for a product or company respectively when published on "The Global Village Marketplace". In case of several products to be published, contact our customer services department to negotiate for a discount.
Some additional fees is charged in case you want your product to appear on the front page slider, or any other special position on this site. Our customer services would give you the details.
We can make direct advertisement and sales of your products under negotiation. Group Mawum also provides additional services such as developing an independent website or simply hosts one for you on an encouraging fee.

Multinationals with large clienteles rather go into sumptuous advertisement programs. If having a large number of clienteles is your ultimate business ambition, then you may not need to join our network. We encourage business units to join our network so that their company and its products are being exposed to a large populace within the country and across the globe, so they can gain customers.
A professional marketing manager of any company knows that he should function as though there were some imaginary competitors. With a large clientele, you may still need to join our network in order to open up new markets abroad or just to maintain your market share and dominance, in fear of a potential competitor coming in to grab your position.


Creating a website is good and very important for your business. We want to sincerely congratulate you for having one. A website is worth its creation, depending on the traffic driven by the site.

If you have a website which is internationally known and recognized, or if your enterprise is able to undertake massive publicity for your site to drive the needy clienteles, you may not worry to join any business network.

It is generally understood that an independent website for a business does not carry as much traffic as those displayed on an e-commerce website such as ours. Since Mawum Business Network seeks to create a directory for market sourcing in Cameroon and Africa, you may just need to include an icon of your business on our network, so that your business wouldn’t be left out (this service is free).

The group Mawum is being registered with the registrar of companies bearing certificate of incorporation number Reg. No.: RC.BDA.2012B00000162, with Tax Payer’s No.: M061200042152F and duly recognized by the ministry of commerce, small and medium sized enterprises including other authorities of the Republic of Cameroon. We have agencies, representatives, and affiliates in Cameroon and other countries.

Scammers hardly identify themselves with the authorities, nor are they courageous to be spotted here and there. Rather, Groupe Mawum has come to facilitate the task of online shopping by fighting against scams.