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Frequently Asked Questions - Web Development & Hosting

FAQs - Web Development & Hosting

I don’t know any thing as concerns the computer or internet, so what happens to me in case I want to buy? This is a very common question that meet us on a daily basis.

Not all our clients know how to manipulate the computer or use the internet. You can use a computer literate person to explore our site for you or you can come and make a direct order in any of our agencies. This service is provided to our clients without any constraints.

Remember, if we host your site, our webmaster automatically takes control of the management, or you may hand your independent website to our webmasters to manage for you.

To avoid any stress of managing a website, simply host your site under our website to benefit from a free website management package. You may also decide to use our webmaster(s) to manage your independent site for you.

Group Mawum has also put in place a facility to train computer literates in the basic management of independent websites.