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How to Advertise on this Network

Welcome to advertise your products on the Global Village Marketplace. is an open website which seeks to create a database for business shopping in Cameroon, Africa and other countries.

The process is simple.

1) Display your products and contact information on our e-commence site (

To publish your product on our classified ads. section, follow these steps. The entire process takes less than five minutes.
i) Be a registered member. Register now!
ii) After registration, log-in to the site.
iii) Click Shopping Gallery.
iv) Click on new and follow the steps.
v) Enjoy shopping within "The Global Village Marketplace".

NB: You shall need the following data; the name of your company, the name of the product(s), the product category or categories you want us to display (see shopping categories), a brief summary of your company's function or usage of product (aims, objectives, solutions, etc), your contact address(es) and picture sample of the product(s), where appropriate. (Service companies may decide to display their logo image).

Immediately we receive this information, we shall acknowledge receipt and immediately activate (publish/display) your company or product on the website, to be viewed by all our visitors. The activation process could take up to 72 hours - be patient please.

To enable interested clients get in contact with you directly, we recommend that you display the true (valid) information of your product(s) and contact on this site. Customers would follow this link to reach you. A wrong contact information would create panic on the part of the client and most would not dare to reach you.
We are now at the test stage of this site. During this period of testing, classified ads are free. Profit from this to publish your product or business for free.

For more information contact our customer services.

2) Advertise on the front-page, some columns or pages of our website:

The most visited page of most websites is the front-page, given that this is the gate way into the site. Profit from this high flow of traffic to make your special adverts. You need to pay an extra charge and contact our webmaster to make this possible. Contact our customer services desk for details.

3) Host your company and products on any of our e-commerce sites:

It’s not a good idea to operate your business without a website in this contemporary business world. Mawum can host a website for you. On the page(s), you can provide information such as about us (your business), your services, products display, authentication, making orders, payment procedures, contact details, etc.
With a hosted site, your company and its products are displayed to the view and appreciation of the clients. This is highly recommended, if you want to drive the huge flow of clients into your business.
For more information go to My

4) Design and develop independent website(s):

A hosted site could perfectly serve as an independent business website, but if you prefer having an independent website for your business, Mawum can do that for you. When we develop an independent site, we automatically hook-up (publish) your business onto our e-commerce network.
Institutions with independent websites (not constructed by us) are still encouraged to join our network or can profit from the huge flow of clients, to advertise (with the use of an icon) on the front page or column of our website.
For more information on developing websites, go to Web Designs.

5) Direct Advertisement and Sales:

You can use the Sales Force of Mawum to advertise and or sale your products or company in a city, province, country, or region. This is a special service provided by Mawum Shopping to her clienteles.

For more information on advertisements and sales, go to how to sell at Mawum Shopping.