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How to sell here

Sell directly to buyers or sell trough Mawum Shopping

Have a product and looking for a market? Or are you a middleman, distributor, or re-seller searching for a channel to dispose of your good(s)? You are on the right track - keep on. Mawum remains your dependable web trading agent.

There are two ways through which you can sell your product on any of our e-commerce sites. – Directly to the buyer (client) or with assistance from Mawum Shopping. To sell directly to the buyer (client), indicate your contact address on your product link or web page, so that potential clients may contact you directly and you can negotiate the details with the concerned. Otherwise, use our Commercial Service team in case you need some assistance from Mawum Shopping.

Mawum Shopping serve as liaison to several local & foreign factories and business institutions. This is done through advertisement programs, exclusive representations, the importation and exportation of some desirable goods and services. Factories, business institutions and suppliers are welcome to sell their products and or advertise their business through Mawum Shopping. Just fill our Sales proposal form or Advertisement form. We shall be pleased if you make your proposals of other categories of interest which aren’t found on our network.

If you have a direct contact with a client, you don’t need to stay worried. Mawum Shopping has come to reduce the suspicion nursed by most online buyers. We provide cargo logistics services, vis-à-vis authentication, on the spot inspection in some countries, forwarding & shipping, ensuring that the goods purchased meet the client in a proper condition. We have a market research team that can furnish you - the seller with intelligence on the market demand.

Having an international network of representations and affiliations, Mawum Shopping is known for breakthroughs in negotiating for new local and foreign buyers. For closer ties we recommend that you "Join Our network". Link us with your sales department today and make a difference.

For more information, contact our customer services team