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Payment for goods/services ordered under our agency and brokery services (Mawum Shopping) is done only when an understanding has been reached between the buyer and Mawum Shopping as to the pricing, warranties and samples. The following procedures of payment are normally accepted:

Payment Regimes

Payment Regime I:

• Payment of 1/3 of the total supply price of the goods, before the goods are commanded (from the factory/supplier) by Mawum Shopping.

• Payment of another 1/3 of the total supply price of the goods, before Mawum Shopping makes forwarding/shipping.

• Payment of the remaining balance of the total supply price of the goods, before collection from our agent/country representative. In case of non-availability of an agent in your location, a complete payment is required before shipment.

Payment Regime II:

A price discount on the supply price is awarded to the customer, in case the customer chooses to pay 100% of the supply price before forwarding/shipping.

Payment Regime III:

A premium is awarded to Mawum Shopping, in case of 100% Cash On Delivery (i.e. COD).

Payment Regime IV:

The both parties could negotiate upon payment requirements for large orders and heavy machines/equipment.
Payment Procedures:

Common to all Payment Regimes

ALL payments MUST be accompanied by a payment form, which is filled and submitted to the management of the company.

On receipt of payment, an acknowledgment of receipt shall be sent via e-mail or fax to the customer.

Local payments are made via the local banks of the country representatives, while foreign payments are made through the credit card payment system, PayPal, international money transfer agencies such as Money gram or Western Union

In case of large orders or heavy machines as indicated under our payment regime IV above, an irrevocable letter of credit could be negotiated upon by the buyer. Read More..

It is strongly recommended that no money be paid in raw cash (hand-to-hand) to any worker or representative of Mawum (at all levels of management hierarchy) without filling the payment form. Mawum Shopping takes no responsibility for any financial transactions made contrary to the above procedures. You may decide to take your chance and the risk.

For more information on payment details, and other queries, write an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.