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“The time is now”. This is the era of communication. Information denied is human and economic development retarded.

This site has been hosted by Groupe Mawum Holdings; SA., but it is not exclusively for the group. Being a holding, with e-commence approach, the company invariably functions with partner organizations, affiliates, other business units, the global business environment and you the independent business man. With this same reflection, this web page has been designed to suite all interest groups.

On this site, you shall find enough information on the main business of Mawum. You shall also find information on some of her affiliates, her partner organizations, and other institutions of interest. An independent business unit like yours would find itself on our advertisement corner. That not withstanding, as you navigate through our links, don’t be surprised when you stumble over your business without our notice and without your knowledge. That’s the web. Any freelance internet user would find lots of research information, entertainment and pleasure in this site.

The above is to highlight the fact that this web page has been particularly designed to suite the needs of all and sundry. What do you really want to search at the web?
i) A good or a service?

I mean just anything. You shall find it. Just click our Shopping Gallery (here). Oh no! Difficult to find? Then fill our Inquiry Form (here) and we shall make a general search for you. Because of space convenience, not all products are displayed on our shopping gallery.
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You shall find some important links on this site which might interest your business. Just keep navigating.
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Those interested in music, movies, site attractions, tourism, friendship and sports would find interest in this site.
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This site has links to some newspapers, magazines, radio and TV news agencies. Get your news updates every moment you log onto this site. You might also find some pertinent announcement that concerns you.

We wish you a pleasant moment as you venture through this "Global Village Marketplace".