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AWAC – The African Warrantor’s Council

General Introduction:
AWAC is an independent body created to manage authentication issues of trading on the internet. AWAC seeks to provide some independent and transparent data on the identity of the products,

companies and businesses published or hooked unto the and other E-commerce networks. AWAC works in collaboration with other verification authorities in different countries. Hence, we accept authentication information provided by credible third party credit-reporting agencies.
Online shopping invariably goes with legal, credibility, security and financial risks. Without trust, most prudent business operators and clients may decide to forgo use of the internet and revert to traditional methods of doing business. To counter this trend, the issues of authentication on e-commerce and customer sites must be constantly reviewed and appropriate security and counter security measures devised to enhance operations.
The public’s lack of confidence in online shopping is not merely about scams, security of value, but also about trust in the information they find published on the web. The implication then is that successful organizations will be those who expend their resources and efforts to ensure that the public is assured and their concerns are adequately addressed. AWAC comes in to redress this issue by following up the authenticity of what ever is published on the internet.

AWAC's basic concerns:

• Privacy Concerns:
Information must be kept from unauthorized parties.

• Integrity Concerns:
The message must not be altered or tampered with.

• Authentication Concerns:
The sender and recipient must prove their identities to each other.
• Non-repudiation Concerns:
Some proof is needed to assure that the message, the product or service was indeed delivered.
AWAC's main Objectives
- To ensure the integrity (authenticity) of product brands in international (national) commerce.
- Strive for the betterment of the business world by aiding in the fight against scams, counterfeiting, piracy, etc.
- Product tracking, inspection and authentication at the point of purchase.
- Determine product quality and originality.
- Provide clients with brand protection tags.
AWAC's Authentication Methods:
- Comparing the attributes of the products/brand with what is known about the product originally
- Applying the rules of evidence using evidence tag/certification
AWAC's Authentication Values:
- Ownership Factors (ID card, Phone, etc.)
- Location Factor (Contact Adress(es), etc)
- Registration details (Registration Numbers, Regimes, etc)
- Product Quality (Branding, product specifications, counterfeiting, packaging and labeling, etc)
- Supply Chain (Control delivery procedures
- Education & Communication (Educating the masses on authentication issues, etc)

AWAC's Authentication Procedures:

i) Contact the Management of AWAC
ii) Fill Application Form
iii) Visit of AWAC Representatives to product site or location
iv) Presentation and effective verifications
v) Certificationvi) Publication of Authentication tag of website
vii) Follow-up authentication requests.
viii) E.t.c ....

For more information on authentication, please contact our customer services department.