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Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy of Group Mawum Holdings; Inc., seeks to clarify our users on the nature of data collection and processing. This policy, answers the questions of when we collect data, why we collect data, what kind of data we collect, how we collect this data, the use of data collected, data protection and updates.

• When does Groupe Mawum collect data from the public?

For any legitimate business transactions (with Mawum Holdings; Inc.), the company endeavours to collect some specific information from the client.

Data is being collected when a client makes inquiries, comments, orders, makes payments, subscribes to our news letter, or writes an e-mail.

Physical data is also collected, when our sales force comes in contact with a potential client, when a customer makes a telephone call, or makes direct transactions at the counter of any of our offices.

When we host or develop an independent website for our client, we also collect some reasonable information from the client to facilitate our tasks of designs and development.

• Why do we collect information from clients?

It is transparent to know the company or individual you are dealing with before making any sales or purchase decision. We know our business is legitimate and when conducting any legitimate business all parties should be confident of the identity of the partner.

More so, at Groupe Mawum, we prefer to custom tailor our services. We believe that no two clients are exactly alike, and careful listening has often proven us right. In order to provide consumer satisfaction or give concrete recommendations to our clients, we need to know who they’re.

It is also our market research effort to collect data which will enable the company provide for you, better and better customer services any other day.
• What kind of data do we collect:

For casual interactions with clients, we avoid collecting any sensitive information from the client. When it comes to more serious business transactions, we collect some pertinent information which can help us provide for you better products and services.
In an attempt to answer this question, we start by giving the information we don’t collect, we move to the information that we actually collect and then conclude with how to avoid suspicion from your trading partner.

• We don’t collect information on your marital status, your qualification, financial capability, business capital, business turn over, profit margin or any information considered being private or strategic to your business.
We don’t collect information on your bank statements and account numbers, nor credit card information, except willingly provided to us, by the client for unavoidable reasons.

• We collect information on issues good for public consumption, such as your name, contact address, country, the nature of your business transactions with our company, the business category you fall on our network, telephone numbers and e-mail address and the interest you find when deciding to deal with our company.

• Avoid suspicion from your trading partner. Because of internet scamming, there exists lots of suspicion when buying or selling online. This alone has caused many not to even venture, selling or particularly buying on the net. Since the pros are more than the cones in internet shopping, even lots more people still decide to shop online. Not withstanding the fact that this company has put in place some machinery to fight against scams, we advise our users to avoid any of such suspicion as possible.

One of those ways to avoid suspicion is to make sure you provide to us accurate information concerning you and your business. We can accept several updates on your business, category and services, given the dynamism of business policies. We also accept a few changes of personal data, for reasons best known by that individual, but when it comes to changing your personal information several times, this is enough grounds to scare a client. A genuine businessman should be proud to provide genuine information about his business and contact information.

To get more information on how to identify scammers online, go to precautions and to make clients gain more confidence on your business, go to AWAC.
• How do we use the data collected?

The information collected by Groupe Mawum, is preciously used. We use the information for just the purpose for which it was collected – which is to provide you with the best services. For example, when you make a telephone inquiry, write an e-mail, or post a comment on our website, we give you a feedback based on the data provided.

If you subscribe to our newsletter, you make us know the precision of your interest. In effect, we furnish you with just what you have asked of us, including news announcements and latest developments in the world of business.
When you make an order at Mawum Shopping, we make available to you the products based on the specifications on the order contract, and use the given address to deliver the goods.

It is not until we have sufficient information about your business and its functioning that we can make a good design of an independent website for your business.

Genuine information provided by our clienteles will not mislead us. It will rather help us better understand the demands of our clienteles, and will enhance our research and development efforts.
• Is this data protected and secured?

The information you furnish to us is highly protected and secured. Groupe Mawum takes necessary precautions - administrative, technical, and physical measures, in order to protect your personal information against any loss, theft, and misuse, including unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, and destruction.

You can also help us protect this information, by taking some precautionary measures - to protect your personal data when you are on the internet. For those who have an e-mail with us or subscribe to our newsletter, we recommend that you avoid using your names or initials for a password. You also have to change your passwords more often, using a combination of letters, numbers & symbols, and make sure you use a secure web browser.
Groupe Mawum keeps your personal information accurate and up to date as possible. In case you find that the information provided to us isn’t updated, please simply update your information or write to our webmaster immediately for correction. In case you are on an independent hosting package, with personal management of your site, you are free to constantly adjust and update information on your website without any interruption from the management.
• Updates on our Privacy Policy:

Groupe Mawum Holdings; SA. is reserved the right to modify or change any policy, rule or regulation on her privacy policy without prior notification. The updates shall also be integrated on our privacy policy page and also posted to all our subscribed users. To get updates on our privacy policy, please subscribe to our news letter.

In case you have any further questions on our privacy policy, you can write to our webmaster at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. .